Meet our VSO and Nonprofit Members

These organizations provide Vetforce members with unique career support and services. They support active military, veterans, and spouses through in-person training cohorts, tailored distance learning, and networking events.

America's Warrior Partnership

America’s Warrior Partnership is committed to empowering communities to empower veterans. We fill the gaps that exist between current veteran service organizations by helping nonprofits connect with the veterans, military members and families in need: bolstering their efficacy, improving their results and empowering their initiatives. America’s Warrior Partnership is a force multiplier for warrior community integration that enhances communities where great Americans choose to live and contribute. America’s Warrior Partnership’s Community Integration model is active in five communities across the country and has served nearly 37,000 veterans in three years. This model empowers communities through training, mentorship and structure to conduct proactive outreach to veterans by connecting existing resources and providing tools to create stronger collaboration among existing veteran service providers, bridging gaps in service wherever they may exist. The result is a more coordinated approach that holistically serves each veteran’s individual needs, ensuring no one slips through the cracks or does not receive essential support services.

WarriorServe® is the technological component of our Community Integration model, which creates a coordinated approach to holistically serving each veteran’s individual needs. WarriorServe® is a customized, cloud-based solution is the tool used to enhance the data tracking and reporting capabilities of veteran serving organizations at every level. Developed by America’s Warrior Partnership on the platform with extensive input from veteran serving professionals, WarriorServe® tracks warriors and the services they receive at a personalized level never before seen in the veteran service arena. By combining comprehensive record keeping with one-on-one relationship building, organizations help guide veterans to more robust resources and determine eligibilities, needs and desires for improving veterans’ overall quality of life.

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Blue Star Families

Blue Star Families was formed in April 2009 by a group of military spouses to create a platform where military family members can join with civilian communities and leaders to address the challenges of military life. Blue Star Families includes active duty, National Guard, Reserve, wounded, transitioning service members and their families from all ranks and services, as well as veterans and civilians who strongly support us. Blue Star Careers provides a broad range of military spouse employment initiatives designed to support military family members throughout various points on their career path. From building a resume and networking that finds a great job, to mentorship and professional development that grows a lasting career, Blue Star Careers’ employment & education initiatives address and leverage the unique challenges of the military family lifestyle.

Some military spouses will soon begin testing another option for a portable career thanks to a pilot program that will offer free training to become a Salesforce administrator. The initiative, called SpouseForce, provides Salesforce administrator training to military spouses; that training usually would cost $5,000. The pilot program will start small Feb. 8, with about a dozen military spouses in the San Diego area. The next training is expected to start in May in the San Antonio area; others will be rolled out later. Salesforce is a customer relationship management platform that businesses and other organizations use to manage customer data and interaction, and access business information, as well as a variety of other applications. The average salary for a Salesforce administrator is more than $80,000, and the growing field has room for upward mobility, according to Kathy Roth-Douquet, chief executive officer of the nonprofit Blue Star Families, which is a partner in the SpouseForce initiative. She said there is a shortage of Salesforce administrators. Applications are being accepted for the San Diego area; visit Roth-Douquet encourages spouses to apply even if they are not in San Diego, so that Blue Star Families officials can gauge the interest in this career field and keep spouses informed when opportunities for this training open up in the future.

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Hire Heroes USA
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Since inception, we have maintained a singular focus on veteran and military spouse employment – it is all we do. Hire Heroes USA provides free career coaching and job sourcing to hundreds of transitioning U.S. military members, veterans and military spouses each week. Each of our clients is individually assigned to one of our team members, who delivers career coaching designed to break down barriers to employment and build the confidence that is essential during a job search. To date, we have confirmed more than 19,000 veterans and military spouses hired into careers.

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Hire Our Heroes

We are a non-profit organization for veterans operated and founded by veterans. Our goal is to capture each transitioning veteran ideally within one year prior to their discharge to Train, Mentor and Coach them in job placement. The motivation behind this effort is to create a National approach to reduce Veteran unemployment that will allow employers an overall talent acquisition and retention strategy by making veterans a part of their workforce. We offer industry best practices and theory to meet current and future hiring and retention needs through the employment of Veterans. Hire Our Heroes stands ready to assist veterans looking for a new career or employers who are eager to hire skilled professionals!

Hire Our Heroes’ Job Courses for Veterans seeks to advance the knowledge of each veteran we can reach, to produce positive and impactful veteran job seeker learning experiences. A successful transition for returning vets seeking employment is the result of developing a solid plan with SMART goals and taking advantage of performance and knowledge-based training developed in the lessons learned by veterans who have “Been There, Done That” — and a lot of hard work and job seeking determination on your part! The Transition process consists of six phases of transition that ideally begin two years out from exit from the military. Regardless, each phase can be delivered at any time in the transition timeline of our military veterans. The key is to establish a delivery program so the phases are taught and delivered in order. These phases are the foundation for an effective, comprehensive and strong re-engineering of the professionals skills needed to re-integrate our military transitioning veterans back in to the civilian sector.

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Merivis Foundation supports veterans preparing for their next mission through training, mentorship and job placement for Salesforce cloud technology careers. With a growing need for Salesforce certified professionals and the highest density of veterans in the country, Texas is rich with opportunity to help veterans transition to civilian life and find great careers. Learn more about upcoming certification events.

In partnership with Salesforce’s veteran initiative VetForce, The Merivis Foundation has put together a comprehensive four week program which encompasses all aspects Salesforce administration, cloud computing, the tech industry and what it take to be successful in your new Salesforce career. The program consists of the following: Three weeks of virtual training & one week of in class room instruction with a certified Salesforce instructor 1 to t mentorship Background of Salesforce technology Overview, preparation & facilitated study sessions for Salesforce certification exam LinkedIn and resume guidance for Salesforce jobs Connections to companies in Texas hiring for Salesforce roles With completion of this program, you will be on track to not only secure their first Salesforce certification, but will be connected to various companies and non-profits looking to hire veterans with Salesforce training.

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VetsinTech supports our current and returning veterans with re-integration services, and by connecting them to the national technology ecosystem. ViT is committed to bringing together a tech-specific network, resources, and programs for our veterans interested in Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employment – the 3E’s! Here at VetsinTech we feel passionate about the education of our veterans. We are focused on those vets that already have shown an interest and aptitude for working in the tech industry. That is not just around programming, but design, law, business, marketing and finance or other fields within the tech industry. When veterans return from their service, they bring with them an amazing set of skills such as leadership, discipline and teamwork. By augmenting their existing skill set where needed with online and intense classroom programs, we can match Vets with new skills to positions where those skills are needed.

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