About Us

Salesforce is the world's #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and fastest growing enterprise software company. Equality is one of our core values, and Vetforce is our program to increase the number of veterans in cloud computing careers. At Salesforce, we not only hire and support veterans and spouses, but we also invest in military talent to support our customers.

With Vetforce, we hope to help meet the growing demand for Salesforce ecosystem talent while impacting these larger issues:

  • Increasing diversity, inclusion, and equality in the technology sector
  • Helping to connect the military community with employers who may be unfamiliar with the military services
  • Providing a forum for Salesforce employees to engage with the military community and share the mutual culture of volunteerism

Vetforce is the Salesforce job training and career accelerator program for military service members, veterans, and spouses. Through our online community, we connect virtual learners to free training, classes, and career opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem. The classes offer comprehensive content ranging from Salesforce basics to civilian business skills, all with the intent of connecting learners to opportunities in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Careers on the Salesforce platform are distributed around the globe. They are established in industries as varied as manufacturing, nonprofit, healthcare, technology, and more. Salesforce certifications are globally recognized and follow you wherever your career may lead.

For service members, veterans, and spouses: Think of Vetforce as your home base to skill up—it's fully mission-capable and ready to support you with flexible, self-paced on-line training; a community of fellow learners; test prep and certifications; and a network of employers looking for people with your military-based values and new Salesforce skills. Vetforce is a free resource for you—take advantage of it and use it to launch or accelerate your career.

For employers: Vetforce is your source for Salesforce certified military talent. The Vetforce community is a growing talent pipeline for your Salesforce needs. Working with Vetforce can increase your competitive advantage by adding military values and discipline to your team.

For veteran service organizations and nonprofits: You can help by spreading the word about Vetforce and supporting learners as they progress through their certification journeys. Join the VSO community.

Welcome to Vetforce!